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Great game, its lots of fun. It would have been interesting to see a different good ending when you get past the earthquake with your furniture instead of the normal good ending, but apart from that, great game


loved the game! do you have any plans for the game in the future!

not really, I want to keep this game short

btw thanks for playing!

Dang welp let me know if there is any other game you make next! ill be down for playing!


Reminds me of Katamari Damaci


I pass the mountain without using tnt (because i dont know how too :))


i got the good ending :)


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funny game, I had problem attaching the furniture to Furniture man

then maybe you can try to play without attaching any furniture! ;)


This game is wonderful. It's both fun and has a kind message that's stuck with me, no pun intended. Thank you for making this!

Here's a video I made for it:

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Wow really entertaining video! 

And thanks for the voice over, it helped me to correct the grammar in my game  xD

Glad you like it!